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Amazon is the biggest site for selling all kinds of products in the world, however, having an Amazon account manager and getting more sales is not easy, especially in light of the escalating competition every day.
We at PlusAd, provide you with the full management and strategies services to your account on Amazon, we will set the stage to support you as you grow your business

Our Full Amazon Seller Account Management service includs:
• Setting Up a Seller Central Account
• Search Engine Optimization
• Enhanced Brand Content
• Brand Registry & Protection
• Prep & Logistics
• Customer service
• Performance monitoring
• Trademark registration
• Review management
• Remove negative note
• Ads management
• Constant updates from Amazon

Why choose our Manage Amazon Account service?
You know your brand, but we know Amazon!
• We are deeply involved with Amazon on a daily basis, and We will deal with all problems and challenges that we may encounter
• Because we have experienced experts in dealing with Amazon
• We constant attention to small detail
• We offer a high level of customer service.
• We will create a coordinated strategy so as to reach your dream
• We will reach your daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals.
• We will work collaboratively to improve your sales
• We will try to take advantage of the popularity of the first site in the world to your advantage in order to achieve increasing profits
Don’t worry, Trust us we are the right place to take the headache out of your Amazon business!


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